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Grand Hideaway Home
Reasons to Buy
Price & Specifications

 Standard Grand Hideaway™ Features

  • Variety of sizes styles and models to meet your particular growing needs

  • Available as a lean-to, freestanding, or freestanding attached greenhouse

  • Curved eave or straight eave models

  • Glazing to ground models

  • Glazing to foundation wall models

  • 1/8” clear or bronze tinted tempered glass

  • 8mm polycarbonate available in straight eave models

  • One or both gable ends attached

  • Gable end doors available on one end or both ends

 Quality Material, Design and Engineering

  • Only the finest materials used throughout the greenhouse

  • All extruded aluminum frame

  • Steel fasteners and anchor bolts included

  • All framing and glazing components are pre-drilled and pre-cut

  • All Grand Hideaways™ come standard with a continuous row of thermostatically controlled roof vents

  • Vent sashes are equipped with socket hinges rather than hook hinges to assure they will never come unhooked

  • Vent assemblies are equipped with extruded E.P.D.M. weather stripping to reduce air leakage

  • Extruded butyl rope is used to as a glass bed for outstanding sealing properties

  • Extruded aluminum bar caps are used to hold glass in place

  • Each lite of glass at the header is held firmly in place by a continuous aluminum glass stop to prevent sagging

  • All models are individually engineered to meet local building code requirements

  • Self-storing screens allow for additional cross ventilation

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