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Greenhouse Planning Guide

“10 Steps for Selecting the Best Greenhouse For Your Home or Garden”

Co-authored by:
Cleveland Botanical Garden
and Arcadia GlassHouse

Grand Hideaway Home
Reasons to Buy
Price & Specifications

General Information
The first thing you must consider is who will install your greenhouse. Many customers use the services of a local contractor or an experienced greenhouse installer. You may choose to do the installation yourself, but we do not recommend this unless you have significant professional construction experience. Whatever your choice you will receive shop drawings and general instructions for the installation process.

We recommend that the person who is doing the installation read the outline of procedures and study the plans so that he or she is familiar with the nomenclature and the steps essential for the installation procedure. A glossary of terms and extrusion identification chart is included with the assembly instructions. Becoming familiar with the various parts and pieces prior to installation will help the installation process.

Greenhouse Delivery
It is strongly suggested that you or your installer be available when the greenhouse arrives. It is not advisable for the greenhouse shipment to be delivered without the owner or installer being present. Be sure to check for freight damage to any of the cartons and their contents. When your greenhouse arrives, it will be delivered in a number of boxes, bundles and cartons and other various types of packages for which you will need to sign a receipt (Bill of Lading) with the delivering carrier. If you suspect any hidden damage inside a package indicate on the Bill of Lading “possible concealed damage”.

Foundation Considerations*
It is imperative that no wall or foundation be installed before the foundation plan is received for the exact model of greenhouse that has been purchased. A foundation drawing will be furnished with your plans. A standard wall model drawing will show a standard 8” wide wall at a height of 2’-4”. The glass to ground model will require a minimum of an 8” wide attachment surface at grade level. In either case, an 8” dimension is a minimum standard. Check the foundation or masonry wall to be sure it is level, square and plumb. The door opening in the wall (if required) must be exact.

If you find that your greenhouse foundation is not level or plumb, the construction of the greenhouse should not begin until the foundation is adjusted. Any attempt to erect the greenhouse on an incorrectly built foundation or wall may result in an improper fit of the glass and framing.

When you are ready to assemble the greenhouse, it is recommended that you open all of the various packages and bundles, re-check the materials against the packing list and separate all of the parts and store them in an easily accessible location while you are building. It is also suggested that the parts be separated into piles of like materials. It is recommended that all bolts, nuts and screws be identified as to size and length and separated into individual units of like pieces for easy identification.

The assembly instructions will recommend general steps that should be followed in sequence. The instructions are not intended to cover every possible installation requirement, detail or variation, nor do they provide for every possible installation contingency. Professional installation services are available by contacting Arcadia GlassHouse.

Basic assembly steps:

  • Check foundation for dimension accuracy and squareness

  • Attach the sill

  • Attach the rigid frames and gable columns (if required)

  • Attach roof purlins (if required)

  • Attach roof end bars

  • Attach glazing bars (roof, sides and gables)

  • Attach the eave (straight eave models only)

  • Attach the ridge

  • Install door jamb (if door was ordered with greenhouse)

  • Assemble and install vent assembly

  • Install glazing material
    a. Vent
    b. Roof
    c. Side(s) Gable(s)
    d. Installing accessories

  • Install door

  • Caulk

*Important Note: The information provided in this website is for general information purposes only. Neither Arcadia GlassHouse nor the manufacturers assume any responsibility for the greenhouse once delivered to the shipper, except as otherwise expressly provided in the manufacturer's warranty contained in the greenhouse package. Classic and National expressly disclaim any liability for the installation, construction and/or assembly of any greenhouse structure.

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