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Greenhouse Planning Guide

“10 Steps for Selecting the Best Greenhouse For Your Home or Garden”

Co-authored by:
Cleveland Botanical Garden
and Arcadia GlassHouse

Florian Geneva System

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Geneva horticulture greenhouses are designed to provide a comfortable environment to pursue nature's most enjoyable hobby. Geneva greenhouses are available in a wide variety of sizes, in curved eave or straight eave configurations. All Geneva greenhouses are constructed of maintenance-free aluminum framing members. Florian's unique I-beam profile is designed for maximum strength to meet all building code specifications.

Florian’s insulated, double-pane glass is hermetically sealed against condensation and dirt infiltration. A Super MC Low-E tempered glass provides the optimum balance of visible light transmission and heat repellent coefficient. No other greenhouse can match the glazing performance of a Geneva system.

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Geneva System Advantages

  • lean to greenhouseHigh-Performance Glazing - eliminates the need for a shading system.

  • Ridge-vent system is fully gasketed - No metal-to-metal contact for maximum efficiency and plant comfort.

  • Each pane of glass is fully gasketed around the perimeter - No rope putty or lapped glass is used.

  • I-beam heavy gauge aluminum frame with stainless-steel hardware.

  • Framing members accept a "T" bolt & nut to hang accessories & plants from the rigid frame.

  • Technical support phone number.

  • Fully modular and expandable.

Our Most Popular Accessories

Auto Vent System - Offered for either ridge or side-vent systems.
Horizontal Airflow Fans - Reduces plant disease & helps maintain even room temperature.
freestanding greenhouseAuxiliary Ventilation - Thermostatically controlled exhaust fan with motorized intake louver. Evaporative Cooling Systems - Thermostatically controlled self-contained system features 2 speed motors.
Plant Benches - Sturdy framing and attractive design.
Watering - Mist-o-Matic systems sense the amount of watering that has been applied on your plants.

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